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Department of Materials
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Prof Molly M. Stevens


+44 020 7594 6804


Imperial College London is ranked 10th in the world in Engineering and Technology as well as Life Sciences and supports world-class education and fundamental research within London. Imperial was founded in 1907 and houses one of the largest Engineering faculties in Europe, which includes the Department of Materials, the oldest and largest of its kind in the UK. Prof Molly M. Stevens, who was promoted to one of the youngest Professors at Imperial College in 2008 and is now the Research Director for Biomedical Materials, has a vibrant multidisciplinary research programme within the Department of Materials, the Department of Bioengineering and the Institute for Biomedical Engineering that explores the cell-material interface as well as engineering it to deliver a new generation of cell-responsive materials. Her work spans a broad range of topics, including biomaterials for tissue engineering and nanomaterials as ultrasensitive biosensors. Within the context of the SAVVY platform, her team, which comprises of chemists, engineers, biologists and surgeons and occupies state of the art facilities in 500M2 of recently refurbished space in the Institute for Biomedical Engineering, will be responsible for achieving stable and reproducible differentiated stem cell lines for verification of the SAVVY sorters as well as building on their live cell Raman micro-spectroscopic characterization technology for its implementation within the SAVVY system.